World-Premiere Performance

The following are videos of the world-premiere performance of the 40-minute work composed by Michael Austin Miller and Dr. Stephen Marshall-Ward:  From Death to New Life: A Requiem on Sunday, October 29, 2017 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lynnwood, WA. This performance included reSound, a Northwest Chamber Ensemble, the Skyros Quartet, Kyle Erickson, Trumpeter, Steve Thoreson, Tenor, and Andrew Marshall, Sound Healer.


No.1 Recitative

Featuring Royce Napolitino and Lisa Greeno


No. 2 Requiem

Featuring Dia Walker


No. 3 Recitative

Featuring Paul Georgeson and Dia Walker

No. 4 Kyrie

Featuring Paul Georgeson 

No. 5 Recitative

Featuring Emily Johnston, Diane Hill and Ian Alvarez

No. 6 Credo

Featuring Lisa Greeno and Steve Thoreson

No. 7 Sanctus


No. 8 Recitative

Featuring Emily Johnston and Alex Johnston

No. 9 Agnus Dei


No. 10 And Guard Thee From The Words of Men


No. 11 Recitative

Featuring Royce Napolitino and Tim Sauke

No. 12 Lux Aeterna

Featuring Dia Walker